Welcome to the Newly-Focused /beer!

You can get beer news from a dozen websites, many of which focus on Louisiana. You can read star-rated reviews of beer on another dozen websites. Why would you come to /beer to read all that? You wouldn't. Hell, you didn't. So I'm re-focusing /beer.

I will no longer post beer news. Hit up any of the links in the footer to find that. Ale Runner, Beer Buddha, and Nora do an amazing job of keeping you up to date, so there's no reason for me to just repeat the same stuff. I've also nixed star/numeric beer ratings. I'm rating beers on their own merit and giving them a topical pass/fail rating. Good or bad. Okay or amazing. Drink it or don't drink it. That's all you really care about. The reviews also aren't going to go super beer nerd and go into the "nose" or "mouth feel" of the beer. I'll just tell you if it smelled good or tasted good and what it tasted like.

I'm also going to cover more than just beer. I'm going to review things also. As it is going for now, the things are all guy things (beard stuff), but eventually non-gender-specific things will appear here, too since everyone drinks beer regardless of whatever box they check on a form. However, since I'm a guy, I use guy stuff, so there'll be a lean probably.

I'm also going to keep the blog section going where I talk about trips I took centered around beer, and I'm going to start up the Knowledge Drops again.

So, enjoy the new look and new focus! Let me know what you think!