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Dove Men+Care Body Wash

I've used a variety of body washes over the years ever since I abandoned bar soap. I've got sensitive skin that has a knack for getting dry, so the right soap is a pretty necessary thing for me. I've used generic brands, major brands, women's formulas and unisex formulas. I shyed away from the body washes branded toward guys because, well, Axe.

I was looking for a new body wash and came across the Dove Men+Care line. Sure, Dove is the parent company of Axe, but, hey, this isn't Axe.

Firstly, I love the smell of the Deep Clean formula. Something about it reminds me of Christmas. Maybe there's a pine scent in there. But it smells great when you're using it, and you smell pretty great after using it and you don't smell like a taxicab air freshener.

It lathers pretty well, which seems like a thing to mention in a soap review.

Most importantly, though, I feel really clean after using it and my skin doesn't feel dried out like other soaps and bodywashes have done in the past.

I've also used the Fresh Awake body wash. I liked its smell a lot and did kind of perk me up in the morning. It worked just as well on me as the Deep Clean. The only reason I switched was because the store didn't have the Fresh Awake. 

I'd say it's worth a go if you're looking for something to get you clean and doesn't smell like a cloud or flowers or just generic soap smell.