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Bluebeards Original Beard Saver

As a guy who went to Catholic schools from kindergarten through high school, facial hair was generally frowned upon (especially in kindergarten). In high school, if we had a five o'clock shadow or sideburns that were too long, we'd be sent to the disciplinarian's office where we would have to purchase a terrible disposable razor for 25 cents and go shave the offending whiskers using only water (or hand soap) in the lavatory.

Needless to say, most of us avoided facial hair for a long time and as soon as we graduated, we grew beards. I started with just a goatee, which evolved into an Abe Lincoln/Amish chin strap beard, and more recently, a full-on beard with moustache. Outside of rubbing some shampoo in it from time to time and maybe giving it a trim, I never did much to take care of my beard. For whatever reason, I didn't care for it the same way I cared for the hair further north on my head.

After treating myself to a hair and beard trim (and a beer!) at Modern Men in New Orleans and my stylist Mimi massaging some Bluebeards Original Beard Saver in my beard, I bought a jar from the shop and decided to give it a daily try.

Bluebeards combines lime and aloe into a cream you rub into your beard. According to Bluebeards, the lime breaks down the dirt and oils trapped in your beard hair and the aloe softens and smooths your hair and skin. The cream has a great citrusy/lime scent which coincidentally gives you a citrusy/lime scent. It's refreshing.

After using the cream for a little over a month, I have to say that I've noticed a difference. I apply the cream to my beard immediately after exiting the shower. It goes in pretty easily. I take two fingers on each hand and quickly dip the tips in the jar and use just that small amount and it works well.

My beard is noticeably smoother and softer, and the one place where I'd get a dumb pimple below the hair at least once a month hasn't been home to a pimple since I've been using the cream.

Now, the cream is a little pricey - $24 from the manufacturer's website, but because you use so little at a time and the fact that it has improved the look and feel of my beard, I'd say it's worth it. I'll definitely buy more whenever I run out.