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Saint Arnold Christmas Ale - /beer

Saint Arnold Christmas Ale

Style: Winter Warmer
ABV: 7%
Package: 12oz Bottle
Rating: 4/5 ★★★★✩
Saint Arnold Brewing Company
United States
Houston TX
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Ah, Christmas. It is a rad time of year. A time for dudes and dudettes to enjoy their time together and sing and eat and, most of all, drink. Hot cocoa and eggnog are fine, sure, and pouring some peppermint schnapps into your coffee mug at work is a pretty sweet deal too, but for me, my holiday drink of choice is the plethora of Christmas ales that frolic into stores every year.

Saint Arnold’s Chirstmas Ale may have you walking in a winter wonderland of content after drinking it. This dark amber-colored ale pours with a light white head that lingers longer than your out-of-town family staying in the guest room. There’s no overly strong aroma to it, but it certainly does remind me of Christmas.

It has a medium body; a bit silky. There are notes of caramel in the flavor, with a light hop finish. It’s not as Christmas-y as most, but a fine beer on its own. Winter warmer is an appropriate classification as it’s not spiced much, if at all.

I recommend grabbing a six pack, and locking yourself in the attic, draped in random old clothes you’ve found up there and watching old reels of family home movies to get a break from the holidays.

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