New Section: Beer!

I’m a big fan of beer. Ever since I realized that it could be more than just cold alcohol, I’ve taken an interest in beer — the process, the ingredients, the different styles. It’s one of, if not the, oldest drink known to man, extending back to the B.C times. It’s used for rituals, for celebrations, cooking, medication, and just good ol’ drinking.

Over the last few years, my knowledge and interest have grown, so much so that Rhea and I now brew our own beer at home, with our second batch (an Imperial IPA) bottled and almost ready to drink. We’ve both become big fans and users of Untappd, the “foursquare for beer” where you can “check in” to whatever beer you’re drinking and see what your friends are drinking, and get recommendations based off of things you and your friends like. The app lets you give a rating — 1 to 5 — of the beer, and a brief review of it. However, I felt for some beers that I wanted to expand that review. And so, I made /beer.

This section will primarily be expanded reviews of notable or interesting beers I’ve recently had, but I’ll often discuss other aspects of beer, especially homebrewing.

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